Meet the Just Be Kind Club!

A group of kids wanted to raise some money to do “stuff” this past summer. They felt that making and selling tshirts with a message would be a good way to earn money and push the very basic, but important message – Just Be Kind! Thus, the Just Be Kind Club was born. Their motivation has now turned to spreading the kindness message everywhere! Their goal is to have 5 “Just Be Kind” shirts in every country!

If interested in learning more please email –

selling shirts
Our first time making tshirts

making shirts
Our tshirt-making process


  1. I’m must say I’m so impressed with your Club! I live on Nolin Lakein Grayson county Ky when I noticed all the recent posting of “just be kind” signs. My curiosity got be & I had to do research & find out where these started & the meaning behind. Each passing signs brings joy in my heart & a smile on my face! I’m spreading the word & would love to purchase 1 myself. Keep up the great work & keep spreading God’s great love!!

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